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9th-Dec-2010 12:49 pm - 2011 Commonwealth Awards

Wednesday, February 9
1-4 pm
Massachusetts State House, Boston

Celebrate exceptional achievement in the arts, humanities, and sciences in Massachusetts.

Make the case for public investment in our nonprofit cultural sector.

Hear actor and Boston native John Slattery of “Mad Men” discuss his career and why supporting the arts is as important now as ever.

Given every two years by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Commonwealth Awards shine a spotlight on the extraordinary contributions that arts and culture make to education, economic vitality, and quality of life in communities across the state. The Awards ceremony is also a chance for the Massachusetts nonprofit cultural sector to come together, assert its value, and make the case for public investment in its work.

Past Commonwealth Award winners include leading artists, writers, and scholars such as Yo-Yo Ma and David McCullough; world-class institutions like Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival and the Peabody Essex Museum; and social innovators like the Boston Cyberarts Festival and the Barbara Lee Family Foundation.

The 2011 Commonwealth Awards continue this tradition on Wednesday, February 9 with a ceremony at the Massachusetts State House in Boston. Leaders from nonprofit cultural organizations across the state will gather and celebrate awardees in the categories of Leadership, Creative Community, Achievement, Cultural Philanthropy, and Creative Learning. A new award for Culture & Healing will recognize the increasingly important role the arts, humanities, and sciences play in healthcare.

Leaders of the state Legislature will be on hand to present the Awards. Boston native John Slattery—an accomplished stage and screen actor and a star of the critically acclaimed TV show “Mad Men”—will deliver the keynote address.

This event is free and open to the public. Registration opens in January.

Emmy nominee John Slattery ("Mad Men") starred opposite Cynthia Nixon ("Sex and the City") in a Dec. 6 reading of the quirky comedy, Hate Mail, to benefit Opening Act, a nonprofit that provides free after-school theatre programs to New York City's most under-served public high schools.

Nixon and Slattery starred in the 2006 Broadway play Rabbit Hole, for which Nixon won a Best Actress Tony Award.

Directed by Broadway veteran Michael Mastro (West Side Story, Side Man), Hate Mail, by Bill Corbett and Kira Obolensky, is billed as "an epistolary romance that follows the comedic correspondence of spoiled rich kid Preston and angst-filled artist Dahlia as they sway from hate to love, and then back again."

Here is a look at the event:

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Mad Men star John Slattery was spotted out and about with his father after having lunch in Soho. Looking rugged with a full beard, the award winning actor who last appeared on the big screen as Howard Stark in Iron Man 2, will next be seen in The Adjustment Bureau.


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John Slattery, of the hit TV show "Mad Men," has big plans to make a short film based on a story heard on "This American Life" called "Squirrel Cop."

"Squirrel Cop" is about a police officer whose first day on the job goes terribly wrong when he responds to a call about a squirrel in the attic of a couple’s home.

Slattery, who plays ad executive Roger Sterling on the AMC show "Mad Men," says he was struck by the humor in the officer's voice.

"It's just so visual too," said Slattery. "His description is so good. I guess I always thought it would make a funny short film. Somebody else agreed and so we are in the process of trying to make that happen."

Slattery said he's still trying to figure out how to tell the story in film. He says the goal is to try and be faithful to his vision of the story.

Audio: John Slattery and "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner spoke with KPCC's Alex Cohen.


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Plus Entertainment Weekly Recap

Guest star John Slattery played the anti-Roger Sterling to hilarious, over-the-top effect. Meet Steve Austin, the baby-talking independent congressional candidate from Rhode Island. He's the wrestler if you're blind and the Six Million Dollar Man if you're senile. Coming soon to a gynecological nightmare near you! I'm loving the Mad Men contingent on 30 Rock -- can we please get the entire cast to visit NBC and play bumbling fools? I can see Bert Cooper comforting Lemon in a very special episode about her foot phobia, and Lane Pryce as a potential candidate for Wesley Snipes' father.... (I know these aren't their real names, but I'm going through withdrawal, okay?)

John Slattery was one of the New York presenters at the Casting Society of America’s Artios Awards last night — the awards were bi-coastal, with a simultaneous ceremony in L.A. — and we learned a few things about the enigmatic person who brings Mad Men’s Roger Sterling to life.

1. Slattery’s funniest casting call story is too long to tell at an awards ceremony in its entirety. "God, it goes on too long," he told us in the theater lobby preshow. "But it involves hair dye, Sylvester Stallone, Joy Todd, and oral sex. And I did not get the job."

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Roger Sterling's divine folly-autobiography Sterling’s Gold is now a real book coming out from Grove/Atlantic just in time for the holidays. So, as high-roller Sterling might have advised, we took our questions about the in-show book’s real-world development straight to the top. Grove’s publisher Morgan Entrekin tells us that he first caught up with Mad Men a couple of seasons in, after creator Matt Weiner’s manager, Kieth Addis — a good friend of the social-butterfly publisher — insisted he watch. By this past spring, Entrekin was hooked. “It’s got the kind of sensibility and texture of a good social novel," Entrekin says, "a portrait of an era." That's when Addis asked Entrekin which imprints he should consider pitching on Sterling’s Gold, a then-fictional book that he promised was going to feature big in season four. “I said, ‘How about we do it?’” By August they were working out a complicated deal (given the multiple rights-holders involved) to get Weiner himself to write the preface and the bullet points in the book, in the voice of the character who, Entrekin says, “gets all the good lines.”

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Europa '51
Sterling's Gold: Wit and Wisdom of an Ad Man set for release on November 16, 2010
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Product Description
Advertising pioneer and visionary Roger Sterling, Jr., served with distinction in the Navy during World War II, and joined Sterling Cooper Advertising as a junior account executive in 1947. He worked his way up to managing partner before leaving to found his own agency, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, in 1963.

During his long and illustrious career, Sterling has come into contact with all the luminaries and would-be luminaries of the advertising world, and he has acquired quite a reputation among his colleagues for his quips, barbs, and witticisms.

Taken as a whole, Roger Sterling’s pithy comments and observations amount to a unique window on the advertising world—a world that few among us are privileged to witness first—hand—as well as a commentary on life in New York City in the middle of the twentieth century.

A few “sterling” examples:

When a man gets to a point in his life when his name’s on the building,
he can get an unnatural sense of entitlement.

The day you sign a client is the day you start losing him.

Being with a client is like being in a marriage. Sometimes you get into it for the wrong reasons, and eventually they hit you in the face.

When God closes a door, he opens a dress.
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