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When John Slattery began playing the dashing and witty Roger Sterling on AMC’s “Mad Men,” he had no idea that he was signing on to become Roger Sterling, quite literally. The man can’t get away from the character. Whether it’s in his smooth narration of Lincoln car commercials or in his latest film, “The Adjustment Bureau” — in which he appears in a getup strikingly similar to that of the 1960s ad executive — Slattery and Sterling are more and more becoming one and the same.

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John Slattery attends "Can You Spare A Dime?" presented by Atlantic Theater Company's Annual Spring Gala at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers on March 7, 2011 in New York City.

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John Slattery stars as the man who controls fate in "The Adjustment Bureau," but it seems he got a little celestial help when it came to a special new project he's finally developing.

The "Mad Men" sat down with The Huffington Post on Friday and revealed that, after 20+ years in Hollywood, he's taking entire control of a project for the very first time.

"I have a script that I just finished that I'm trying to work out the rights situation," he said, "and that's why I asked to direct 'Mad Men,' which was a great experience, but it's someone else's vision, it's clearly Matt Weiner's vision of the show."

Weiner is the creator and executive producer of "Mad Men." Slattery directed the fourth and twelfth episodes of the show's fourth and most recent season.

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The Huffington Post
28th-Dec-2010 04:09 pm - Hollywood Reporter Scan

I don't think I've posted this before. Anyway, it's an old scan of John and Matt Weiner when they participated in an Emmy Awards panel in the fall.

The full scan from Just Jared is behind the cut.

(Actually it doesn't look like a scan at all. Looks like someone just took a photo of the magazine and posted it.)

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charity: ball 2010 last night raised more than $1 million! The Live Auction alone raised $470,000, 100% towards water projects in Central African Republic, Haiti and Ethiopia.

Guests slipped off their shoes to take on the Waterwalk and see what it’s like for the millions who have to walk miles for their water. They lined up and pledged their birthdays to raise money for water projects at our mycharity: water wall. They read and watched our stories from Cambodia to Liberia to Haiti to Central African Republic. And then they took to the stage to fund clean water projects for three countries in our Live Auction.

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